I’ve been thinking so much lately. It must be your turn to think. I have LOVE questions…

  1. When was the last time you gave a six-second hug?
  2. What is the best makeout song of all time?
  3. If you and I shared a piece of cheesecake, what kind would it be, and what would we talk about?
  4. What is the best (or worst) pickup line you’ve ever heard or uttered?
  5. What is the best gift for a secret admirer to send to the target of his/her affection? a) chocolate; b) love notes; c) puppies; d) a piece of your ear? (Feel free to offer your own suggestions, I’m taking notes.)
  6. Who wrote the book of love?
  7. If I were going to cook you some love for dinner, what would I make?
  8. What color is love?
  9. What’s your favorite love quote?
  10. Insert your love question here.

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