Of all the things you could fight for, LOVE has got to be one of the most worthy. But that begs the question (and I really, really want to hear your answer): Should you ever have to fight for love?


I’m taking next week off! It’s a bigger deal for me than you, I know, but I’ve never taken time off from thetechntalk.com. When I started planning my vacation – to include coastal hikes, intrepid exploring, reading, writing, dancing, wine – I was originally trying to decide how to fit blogging in. It made me antsy to think of missing a whole week. Which, in the end, is why I’ve decided to miss a whole week. Because it shouldn’t make me antsy; I need to work on the whole relaxing thing.

Someone wonderful suggested I give you an assignment while I’m gone. I think that’s an awesome idea, so here it is: Surprise yourself. Do something you normally wouldn’t, something you haven’t done before, something that makes you feel wild, or daring, or happy, or gorgeous. Something wonderful. I will too. We’ll meet back here a week from Monday, and share.

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