In “If You Only Had 10 Words,” I invited everybody to describe themselves using 10 words only, no explanatory sentences or qualifying statements, just ten words. No sooner was it posted than one intrepid reader suggested I do the opposite post: 10 words that describe who you are NOT.

So I did it, of course, made my list, and I’m inviting you to do it too. I was surprised how much harder this one was for me. It took me quite a bit longer to think of 10 things I’m not than it did to write my Twitter profile list of 10 things I am.

Here you go, though, my list:

I’m not… organized, lonely, content, stylish, hesitant, daring, religious; I’m not a shopper, a planner, or a fan of dogs that can fit in my purse.

Okay, so share your list please, and also let me know which was harder for you – to think of 10 things you are, or 10 things you’re not. There’s some sort of interesting psychological question at play here, I just don’t know what it is. (Maybe if you’re a pessimist the “NOT” list is easier?)

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