I have that quote posted on the bulletin board above my desk. It reminds me that my life is made of actions. Whatever I believe,  whatever philosophies I embrace or dreams I refuse to let go of, it is the things I do every day, big and little, that matter.

So, with that in mind, I made a to-do list for July (and beyond) that is all about making sure that if I watch what I do to see what I really believe, I won’t be disappointed.

  1. Write bravely – naked, alive, funny, vibrant, honest, lapel-grabbing, to the edges and out into the margins – every day.
  2. Finish my novel revisions.
  3. Cross something off the life list.
  4. In my personal life, open myself up, be vulnerable, accessible, clumsy, honest, present. Embrace the messy. Love fearlessly.
  5. Play hard; sleep well.

Okay, your turn. If at the end of July you wanted your actions to reflect what you believe, what would you be sure to do?

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