On Saturday we drove home from Humboldt along Hwy 1, which is coastal and gorgeous and quite definitely the scenic route. With a stop to eat sandwiches overlooking a rocky bluff below the Point Arena lighthouse (and about 137 stops to jump out and take pictures), it took us more than eight hours to get home.

Last night, I uploaded over 300 pictures, and, subsequently, the Love Project Scenes page. Wow. Scrolling through the page, I realized that what I love most about it is that it’s not just my story, it’s yours too. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me pictures so far.

I’ll continue to update the page because, as you know, April is the month for capturing love in photographs, and hopefully you’re all working on that too. (“Working” is the wrong word. I mean “playing” at it.) Please keep sending me what you find. I love getting your emails more than I can express.

Looking at all our photos got me thinking about the things we love – the people, places, objects, memories, activities. And writing this post for you has me thinking about what I love right this second. Here’s my list, right off the top of my head, no overthinking… I’m giving myself one minute…

I love my dogs, both of whom are lying at my feet; my morning coffee; my boys; Humboldt; writing; yoga; hiking; used bookstores; sunshine; connection; creative, expansive, energized souls; semicolons.

Whew. That’s hard to do in a minute. But fun.

Your turn. What are you in love with right now?

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