At last I finished redesigning thetechntalk dot com, I’ve added more features that you would like. There is a Flickr gallery there that will be updated from time to time, I’ve added more advertising banners although no ads are positioned yet. And I’m also finishing the Tools Page, I’m going to place there tools that will help you in blogging, Search Engine Optimization, and making money online. And its free!!

Watch out! Because within this week, I’m going to launch this blog’s own newsletter. So what will that newsletter contain? I’m going to put there tips and tricks, updates, latest gossips, and ways on how to make money online which I will not going to publish here on this blog. So that there will be a reason for you to join my newsletter. Well, that’s all for now and I’m going to restart the blog’s engine at full power so you will be updated with the latest news.

If you have any suggestions or comments, fell free to tell me. Just fill the comment box below, and I’ll approve it to be published here.

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