It’s the last Monday in January, which makes it the last day I’m going to ask you for advice. Ever. Promise.

So I’m cheating. I’m asking for your go-to item… in five categories. Five pieces of advice for the price of one. (But don’t feel like you have to do all five. Jump in wherever you can.) Ready? Okay, here goes.

  1. Your go-to dinner. This is the thing you always have the ingredients to make. The one you reach for when you get home late, and you’re frazzled, and you need something fast and easy.
  2. Your go-to dinner when you’re showing off. I met a woman who always brings spaghetti pie to potlucks. “It’s different, easy and impressive,” she says. “People remember you for it.” Well, that would be nice. When people remember me because of something I cooked, it’s almost never a good thing. What I need is that one trusty recipe – easy to make, but still, well, dazzling. Yes. I want to dazzle.
  3. Your go-to shoes. Mine are are my black Converse tennis shoes, but they don’t work as well when I’m trying to look professional. (What? I do, occasionally, try to look professional.) But shoes are my downfall. I just never know what the appropriate footwear is. (And have you noticed how infrequently mannequins have shoes? What is up with that? I’m always thinking, “Yeah, that’s great… but what shoes?”)
  4. Your go-to movie. This is different than your favorite movie. This is the movie that never gets old. It cheers you up when you’re down. It makes you think, “I love t his movie!” every few minutes. It’s your comfort movie, the cinematic equivalent to chocolate. (Hint: This will not be a movie you’ve only watched once. This movie’s your guilty – or not so guilty – pleasure.)
  5. Your go-to make out music. I’m not ashamed to say that Barry White rocks my world, and if I ever hear Marvin Gaye sing “Let’s get it on” without wanting to get it on… shoot me. So, weigh in – what do you put on when you’re trying to set the mood?

Okay. That’s it. The last Help J Monday… and if you think for one minute this is the last time I’ll ever ask you for advice, then you haven’t been paying attention.

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