Hidden even as it flows right through the center of my town, the Arroyo Mocho drainage channel is like a stunningly vivid postcard tucked inside a book. Coming upon the channel in the spring is like coming upon the tucked-away postcard, a colorful surprise. Only, the channel’s better because it’s full of life.

I like to walk the Arroyo trail. In the summer when the creek bed is dry, the landscape seems almost aggressively parched. My dog, Lexi, only lasts about a mile, and I can’t really blame her. But right now, the channel is teeming with life and movement. The vegetation is lush and green and decorated with wildflowers that glow as bright as Christmas lights.

I walked the Arroyo Mocho trail Sunday morning. I wanted to share. (I also wanted to try out this slide show feature. Tell me if you like it, or if your computer has trouble with it. I’ll switch to a gallery if necessary.)

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