Guess what I found last week when I was clearing out my workspace?

My desk!

Just as I’d suspected, it was there, under the papers and books and magazines and tiny woodland creatures. And something else was there: my totally awesome Curious Lists book! Woo-hoo! If you’ll recall, the book doesn’t actually supply me with lists, just with list titles. It’s up to me (and by me, I mean us) to come up with the lists themselves. So opening the book at random, I found this title: Underwater Activities.

Here are the first five underwater activities that came to my mind…

  1. Modeling. What? It’s real. You just have to be stunningly gorgeous and able to hold your breath through the shoot.
  2. Checking the time on your waterproof watch. Once, at a party, I got thrown into the pool with all my clothes on. My watch, which was not waterproof, did not survive. If I had been wearing a waterproof watch, I’d have played it cool, casually checking the time while standing on the pool floor. (Much cooler than the frantic swim to the surface, sputtering, coughing thing I did instead.)
  3. Learning to play a musical instrument. You could really wail underwater and no matter how bad you were, no one would know. (And for the record, this idea did not occur to me just because Chad got a new sax for Christmas.)
  4. Visiting the fish. Let’s face it, fish-visiting is really the thing to do underwater. And not just fish, but all manner of water creatures, including and especially octopi and urchins. And wee little sea horses. And eels even though they’re more than a little scary. Oh, and whales. (FYI, a sax can sound like whale speak…)
  5. Peeing.

Okay, your turn. Comments? Additional underwater activity suggestions? Something completely different?

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