Just a couple of hours ago I dreamt of a disaster, and to be honest this was the scariest of all the bad dreams I had. I did not woke up or stood up already from my bed because I’m trying to remember some clear details that I saw. After a couple of minutes doing just that, I stood up and went to the kitchen to drink something (water), and I came back to my room to open my computer to note down this blog post so that I will not forget it. I just want to remind anyone reading this that I don’t want to scare anyone or tell anyone that this dream of mine has something to do with recent earthquakes. I only wanted to share what I saw in my dream.

In my dream:

I was sleeping and I woke up because of the noise that I heard outside our house.
I saw everyone panicking
I heard trembling noises
And at the same time, the ground is shaking really hard.
And I mean really really hard.
And when I looked at the other side of our house,
(Our real house is not really situated on a coastal area)
I saw a tall and huge volume of water,
coming to the houses.
It looks a tsunami from the movies.
I quickly told my brother my mom and dad
that we had to run quick.
And thats what we did.
While running I looked back at our house and it looked like a nipa hut.
There are many of that kind of houses in the coastal area.
A rocky coastal area.
We reached safety,
I saw many people taking refuge on a hill.
They have tents, and its white.
Then suddenly a landslide happened on the hil.
I looked at the coastal area once again, and then,
there were numbers.
I can see counting numbers, it was fast.
It reached more than 4 million and still counting.
But I heard 9 million from someone.
I also heard the word “Lemuary” or something.
And I heard, that its the death toll.
Its the number of people who have died. (gives me shivers)
After that, I told my brother to come with me to check out the coastal area.
Everything was in ruins.
The terrain of that looks like a bridge that has been cut off in the middle.
And I was standing at one end of it.
I saw some boats going further towards the affected areas.
And then I saw something, I saw a rock.
Its somewhat big, a few kilograms I guess.
I saw another rock attached to the ground.
It seems like I could connect the rock to this one like a jigsaw puzzle.
It turned out that its a ruin of a wall which was destroyed because of the flood.
And then everything became blur, and it darkens.
Then it was black.
(this is the time that I woke up from this dream)

I hope that this will not happen in the future.

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