Yoga teaches that everything is connected. Movement influences breath; breath influences the mind. What we eat affects our bodies and our moods. Our thoughts, words, and deeds shape those around us. Life, in essence, is a series of ripple effects.

I love this quote. I believe it, now more than ever before.

Whenever I get asked about the Love Project, I tell the story about how it all began, with a simple gesture that came just when I needed it. It turned my day around, and then, magically, it turned my life upside down in the best possible way.

It’s crazy when you think about it, how one text message, tossed out like a pebble into a pond, has rippled through so many lives, all the connection, kindness, creativity, unabashed gratitude and fearless love that has resulted from that one act. I think about that constantly, the power of it, the difference one person can make, must make, the responsibility we all share.

As I plan what the project will look like next year, I’m excited and daunted, energized and scared, absolutely certain and completely unsure, but the one thing I know, the one thing about which I have no doubt any more… If we are all connected, all of us to each other, then my actions count. So do yours.

That’s a powerful truth. And a scary one. In the face of it, I can definitely understand a desire to retreat. It’s frightening to think we hold each other’s hearts in our hands.

On the other hand…

what if we all did think that?

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