I’ve spent the past few weeks digging myself out from under several projects I’d committed to during my “say yes to everything” phase. These were projects that filled my time, not my soul. So about three weeks ago, frustrated and feeling adrift, I buckled down. I set aggressive goals and was determined to be done with all my “non-North” work by last Friday.

It wasn’t fun, and I wasn’t always nice, but I made it, and an interesting thing happened along the way. As I began to finish the old things, new things sprang up in their place, but these were different. These were cool, serendipitous, opportunities leading to other opportunities… the universe asking me to dance.

It should be exciting, right?

And it is. Of course. But honestly… it’s a little daunting, too, getting rid of my roadblocks like that, realizing there is nothing in my way, nothing to do now but head north. I am going, don’t worry, bounding forward however ungracefully. I’ll be adopting the necessary attitude, acting how I want to feel, radiating kick-ass confidence…

And building a bat house.

Yeah. That too. Last Friday, I was invited to the zoo by my friend and her wonderful 5-year-old son. I hesitated when they invited me. I have mixed feelings about zoos and I had a lot to do. “But there are fruit bats,” she said, and that was all it took.

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