Time for me to ask you for advice. But first, let me just say that you were all amazing last week when I asked for movie suggestions. I have 49 new movies in the queue! You guys rocked my Blockbuster world!

Let’s see if you can do it again.

Now that I’ve decided not to be shy anymore, I’m meeting more people. Lots more people. And I’m finding I have trouble remembering their names. Sometimes, my nervousness leads me to be distracted during introductions, and in my state of extreme dorkitude, I forget to make a point of registering the name. But even when I do, even when I think to myself, “Okay. Bob. Got it. No way I’m forgetting Bob,” three minutes later I’ll be panicked. I’ll think, “Was it Bill? No, not Bill. Rick? Joe?? Boog??? Argh!” (I say argh a lot under stress. I can be very piratey.)

So, those of you who have not spent most of your life in a cave, my question this week is this: What are your tricks for remembering names? If you have the same trouble I do, feel free to share embarrassing forgotten-name stories. I can use them as cautionary tales.

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