I’ve been a little enamored with manifestos ever since I read Danielle Laporte’s Manifesto of Encouragement and this one from Holstee. They are beautiful, provocative, kickass and inspiring. Can’t ask for more than that.

Well, actually, you can. You can write your own beautiful, provocative, kickass, inspiring manifesto. I wrote mine in just a few minutes today (though, in fairness, I’ve spent all of December thinking about where I am, where I’m headed, and what scary, scenic, surprising roads I might want to take in 2023).

I had fun writing it. And since part of the definition of a manifesto is that it be a public declaration, here it is:

I will…  be j; aim for fearless love; act how I want to feel; connect mindfully, soulfully; inspire; be awed; attempt to affect how people see their world; touch and be touched; leap; believe in myself; trust; create; know my motivation; question; dance; make noise; be present; let go; embrace the messy; listen; collaborate; risk;

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