Despite my posts that would seem to indicate otherwise, it’s been a while since I got in here without any notion of what I’d write.  I’ve written a lot today, nano and otherwise, and it feels like maybe I don’t have anything left for And yet…

I’ve been toying with a question-of-the-day post. Let’s try that. A while ago, I read this writing prompt that said, “Write your daydream.” Until then, I’d never given much thought to what I daydream. When I did – think about it, I mean – I was surprised to realize that my daydreams generally fit into one of three categories.

  1. Romantic. I know, me. Maybe the least romantic girl I know. And yet I dream chick lit. (See what happens when I come in here not knowing what my post is about. I get all revelatory and embarrassing.)
  2. Argumentative. Sometimes I daydream arguments. I take the arguments that get skirted in real life, and I have them in my head. In my head, I never worry about anyone’s feelings, or whether, when the argument’s done we’ll still be married or friends. In my daydreams, I’m ruthless.
  3. Revisionary. I am constantly rewriting life. In real life, things don’t happen the way I think they should. People don’t cooperate. I think they’re going to do or say one thing, and they go another way completely. In my daydreams, I right the wrongs. In my daydreams, you are all behaving just as you should and we’re all living happily ever after (see #1)… or we’re fighting. And you’re losing (see #2).

So, do you daydream? What about? Are any of you slaying dragons? I think I’ll start dreaming of that. Dragon Slaying… in my hot pink chick lit armour.

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