I was listening to an interview with Chris Guillebeau and he said something interesting, as he is prone to do. He said that he has blogged according to a schedule, without once missing a post date, for 100 years. (I may not have that quote exactly right, but you get the idea.)

That’s impressive. The interviewer asked him how he did it and he said that, at some point, he became attached to the streak.

I like that. I think I can use it. I am just the sort of person who could get attached to a streak. With other people, I am a tiny bit competitive. With myself, I am neurotic. Getting all hell-bent on maintaining a streak is right up my alley.

So I’m trying to decide how to use this brilliant idea. Here’s a list of streaks I would not mind getting attached to…

  1. A streak of weekend frolicking. I really like to frolic and, honestly, I am very good at it. It’s a plain waste of talent when I let whole weekends pass without a noteworthy escapade, drollery, gambol, high jinks, lark, monkeyshine, romp, shenanigan, or bit of tomfoolery. (I think it’s funny that all those words are listed in my thesaurus as synonyms for frolic, but there’s an asterisk on tomfoolery to note that it – unlike the others, presumably – is “informal.”)
  2. A streak of Friday night exotic pizza tastings.
  3. A streak of Saturday morning runs to make up for my Friday night exotic pizza tastings.
  4. A streak of dazzling achievement, including but not limited to activities that are best performed in a sparkly hero cape.
  5. A streak of absolutely correct, completely outrageous predictions of my friends’ future. (Like this: You will adopt a pot-bellied pig named Louie, and be very put out when Louie turns out to be Louise. Your child will fall head over heals in love with the piglets and your child’s therapist will tell you the harm in selling even one would be irreparable.)
  6. A streak of exhilarating, to-the-edges, risky, brave writing days.
  7. A reading streak – one book after another that I just can’t put down.
  8. A streak of happy.
  9. A streak of strikes. (I don’t bowl, but I like the way that sounds.)
  10. A streak of good hair days.

Your turn. What streak(s) would you like to get attached to?

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