I’m not. I admit. I’ve had two accidents and three tickets during my nearly three decades of driving. All of them were my fault. And even though that record may not sound terrible – perhaps you know people with worse records? please? – I know the truth. I’m not attentive enough when I drive.

My mind is no less jumpy in the car than it is when it’s keeping me awake in the middle of the night. I write stories while I drive, relive the past, rewrite the past, imagine the future, listen to NPR, daydream… I am not focused, and, occasionally, I pay a price for my inattention. Close calls abound.

The thing is, other than myself, I don’t know a single person who will admit to be anything other than a good driver. Really. I ask. Everyone tells me they are good. Everyone. You see the problem here, don’t you? We can’t all be as good as we think we are. (Someone is driving that car that just cut you off, veered into your lane, can’t quite manage the merge.)

So I’m sponsoring a poll. (Yay! A poll! I’m excited! I’ve never done a poll on my blog before!) Please play with me. In the name of science. Here’s what I’m testing. Will anyone admit to being bad anonymously? Or are we all convinced of our magnificence no matter where or how the question is posed?

Let’s see!!!

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